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Fine Art Printing For Photographers And Other Artists

2263 Fifth St. Berkeley, CA 94710     (510) 649-8111  See Contact Us link for map

Hours 10-6 Tuesday-Friday ---Monday and Saturday by appointment



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The highest quality printing of your work will always be achieved when you have direct input throughout the process. Many photographers and other artists these days are comfortable working with their own digital files either for printing themselves or providing to us to print for them. If you don’t have the inclination or time to master a program like Adobe Photoshop® but still need custom work done, I am happy to provide that service, personally working with you present at the computer to prepare, proof and print your work.

I can help you at any level of the printing process-complete preparation of a digital camera file, film, or your original artwork, striving to produce your desired result but also using my experience to suggest options that may not occur to you or materials you may not be familiar with. I’m also happy to help you finish work you have started but need guidance on.

If you have any image or project with which you need help, call or email me and we can discuss how to proceed.

One-on-one tutorials in Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom are something I have done with photographers since 1993. I like working individually with people so I can focus directly on the issues you need help with. We will work with your own photos, scanning film if necessary. You should have a basic understanding of the tools in the program. We will look specifically at image adjustments for color, contrast, etc. with an emphasis on understanding Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks, and making accurate selections. In Lightroom, the focus is on the Library and Develop modules. Everything is geared to making an excellent print of your work, and you will take home at least one finished piece.

Workshops are scheduled at our mutual convenience and can be in the evening, if you desire. They are in two parts, each for 90 minutes and the complete cost is $195. If you wish to invite a second person to take part, the total cost for the two of you will be $350. Please contact me personally for more details.


Rob Reiter


Working With You


One on one tutorials using your own pictures to teach you the basics of image editing in either Adobe Lightroom® or Photoshop®