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Fine Art Printing For Photographers And Other Artists

2263 Fifth St. Berkeley, CA 94710     (510) 649-8111  See Contact Us link for map

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Our print prices are based on the size of the printed page, including borders, if any. If you bring us printer ready files, you can save money by ganging multiple images on a page. Be sure to include trim lines if you want us to cut them down for you. Ganged images without trim lines will be returned uncut. If you send us individual files, you will be charged the individual print price based on that size.

Except for special order giclée papers, all our printing is done on roll paper, so we can accommodate any specific size and price accordingly. If you need something slightly larger than one of the sizes here, for example, it does not mean you jump to the next size listed!

We have “standard” sizes listed here to give you an idea of the prices, but we are not limited to printing only these specific sizes. Pigment (giclée) prints are based, for historical reasons in the manufacturing of their papers, on a slightly different concept of sheet sizes than photographic papers, multiples of “letter size” pages of 8.5”x11”, which tile evenly across the 44” rolls of paper we use for most inkjet prints. Multiple print prices are for multiples of the same print. See our Pigment Prints page for more information.

Descriptions of our many  printing papers can be found here.

Prints done on canvas are usually mounted on stretcher bars rather than being framed and displayed behind glass. If you plan to stretch your canvas prints, consider having them coated first for protective purposes. Coatings, available in glossy or matte, will also deepen blacks and provide richer colors. Our prices for this service are $15 for Quarter sheet or smaller, $22.50 for Half Sheet and $30 for Full Sheet. Call for larger sizes.

We can also tear or deckle, paper edges. The charge for this service is $3 per edge.

For artists needing reproductions of original artwork, we can provide photography and file preparation services that range from $35 -$100, depending on the level of preparation  needed. Call for more information.


Film Scanning

All scans are 48 bit

(16 bits per channel)


Film Format          48 bit hi-res file size*             Hi Res                            Medium Res

35mm                        275 MB                                            6300 ppi   $25              3150 ppi   $15

6x4.5 cm                   380 MB                                            4000 ppi   $25              2000 ppi   $15

6x6 cm                       320 MB                                            3200 ppi   $25              1600 ppi   $15

6x7 cm                       380 MB                                            3200 ppi   $25              1600 ppi   $15

6x9 cm                       490 MB                                            3200 ppi   $25              1600 ppi   $15

6x12 cm                     650 MB                                           3200 ppi   $25               1600 ppi   $15

6x17 cm                     925 MB                                           3200 ppi   $50               1600 ppi   $15

4x5 inches                380 MB                                           2040 ppi   $25               1020 ppi   $15

*Medium resolution scans are 1/4 file size of high resolution scans

Call for pricing on print scans

Printer Profiling

Profile prices are $35 for one and $25 each for three or more papers profiled. You will receive two variants of each profile, one designated ‘Color’ and the other ‘Chroma’. There are slight differences in the way each handles saturation and dark detail, so you may experiment with both.

Please visit our Downloads page, linked to on the left, to download the target files and instructions for their use.

Pigment (Giclée) Prints

These are just some standard sizes-we can print anything you need and price accordingly. Please call for quotes on any print size.

                                                         1st print                     2nd-6th                 7th-20th

Letter 8.5x11                                   $25                             $17.50                      $12.50

Tabloid 11x17                                 $40                             $28                            $20

Quarter Page 17x22                     $60                             $42                            $30

Half page 22x34 or 17x44          $90                             $63                            $45

Full Page 34x44                              $150                           $105                          $75

Prices For Our Services