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Founding dates

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The folio is a collection of 8-12 small prints, in this case, on 8.5”x11” paper, presented in an enclosure constructed of heavy weight paper, generally 100# card stock. As such, it fills a niche between books and framed prints and is becoming a popular way for photographers and artists to economically promote a volume of work. Collectors who buy a folio enjoy a nice selection of pictures, either for viewing in the folio or to remove and frame individually. In a time when the economy rules the purchasing habits of all of us, having a lower price option benefits everyone.

Building a base of collectors who can move from buying a folio of small prints to those larger framed pieces as times improve seems a more intelligent path than starting at the top and thinking the only way to sell work is matted and framed, one piece at a time.

The folio front sports a window opening surrounded by a simple debossed decoration. A four-flap back encloses the pictures as well as a page of text (called a text signature) that addresses the collection and its purpose. A colophon printed on the back of the signature page gives technical information about the folio, copyright, contact information, edition number and anything else pertinent to the production of the work.

Each picture can include a caption or a few lines of text or decoration, if desired. The basic folio package will include up to twelve 8.5”x11” prints on any of our stocked papers, plus a cover shot, which may include text, as well as the text signature and colophon design and one of the folio enclosures, available in several colors. The pictures may be any printer ready digital files. If you have film that needs to be scanned, or digital images that need to be adjusted, our normal charges will be applied. We will size the pictures to your specifications and do the design and layout of any supplied text. Embossing, more extensive or multi-page text signatures will also have an additional setup cost.

The basic folio cost is $200 for the set up and one copy. Multiple copies ordered at any time will be $120 each and just $100 each in orders of three or more.

In addition, The LightRoom Editions will feature collectible folios of our client’s work for sale at reasonable prices and will be an integral part of our gallery shows.

Please call with any questions on this exciting option!

The Folio

Presenting your pictures in a convenient collection