Founding dates
Founding dates

Fine Art Printing For Photographers And Other Artists

2263 Fifth St. Berkeley, CA 94710     (510) 649-8111  See Contact Us link for map

Hours 10-6 Tuesday-Friday ---Monday and Saturday by appointment



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Welcome To The LightRoom

Fine art printing for photographers and other artists, plus film scanning, art photography and other digital printing services

For obvious reasons...

The LightRoom is not open now for drop-in work.


We can ship prints, however!. Most local customers have never thought about that because it's usually convenient to drop in with a print order. However, Priority Mail is usually only one day locally, and one-three days nationally. And to encourage people to give this a try if you're needing our services:


I'll waive shipping charges for orders over $100 until at least the end of April!


If you do need a smaller order shipped, local mailing rates are typically $7-10.


Of course, to start, you have to get your images to me. Many customers, locally and more distant, already upload or email files for printing and are familiar with the procedure, but for those that aren't, I'll give a quick explanation of the process.


First of all, the files should be in any Adobe Photoshop readable format, typically TIFF, PSD, JPEG or PDF. You can, but don't need to, size and format the pictures and borders before sending the files. Don't worry if you don't have the software to do that, as most of what I already get are unformatted. I'll call you and we can determine all the printing parameters, paper choice, etc.


There are three easy ways to submit work for printing. First, you can use the uploader in the UPLOAD PICTURES link on our web site:


Please follow the instructions on the page-call or mail me after they have been uploaded-and don't let your computer go to sleep during the upload. And to make things easier, note the file names of your uploaded pictures, so I know who they belong to. Sad to say, this is a DUMB uploader that doesn't pass along any info beside the picture file. You have to call or email me when the pictures have uploaded. And when you think about it, that's a pretty good layer of cyber security!


The second way is to use something like the Cloud service, Dropbox, or anything else where you can upload a picture and send me a link for downloading.


Also, there are free or inexpensive websites like WeTransfer that provide a simple and reliable way to upload your pictures anywhere, such as The LightRoom!


Good old fashioned email still works, too but there is usually a file size limit per email of around 25-30 MB, which may work for you.


We can communicate by phone or email to get the details of your printing requirements and payment info. Depending on the size of the order and the time of day I get it, prints can usually be done in 24 hours and ready to ship a day after that. Although I have had great results with Priority Mail for about half the price of UPS and FedEx, those services are still available, should you wish to pay for them.


Please call if you have any questions!


And for the time being the gallery will be closed. We have canceled the show in April and will notify everyone, through our newsletter, when that changes (a link to the newsletter is to the right on this page.)

Above Del Valle Reservoir
Rob Reiter

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Individual images are the property of the artists. This site was last updated March, 2020. Rob Reiter, owner.


The LightRoom, as a photolab, has been helping photographers and other artists get the best prints of their images since 1975. In the mid-1990s, were the first photolab in the San Francisco Bay Area to feature fine art quality inkjet (giclée) printing. From film scanning or photography of your artwork to the preparation of any digital file or simply working with your own printer-ready files, we can help you get the most from your work. Our services are further detailed in the links to the left.

The Discounts page details various ways to save money on our services when submitting pictures to us for printing. When we offer special pricing, on specific paper choices or services, for example, those offers can be seen by signing up for our email newsletter, or by following us on Facebook or Twitter. These are also the places to find information on our latest gallery shows and workshops.

The Printing link discusses in more detail aspects of the  modern pigment inkjet process, as well as the specifics of submitting files for printing and a link to descriptions of the many papers The LightRoom stocks. I doubt you'll find any studio anywhere stocking more papers than we do, currently about 20 plus a new selection of Japanese digital papers. Obviously, a few lines of text or little web pictures of these papers won't do them justice, but we are happy to show them to you if you drop by, or even mail small printed samples of the ones you're interested in.

Many of our customers are artists looking to reproduce their originals and we can help with the photography of their art work as a first step to getting beautiful reproductions on our many different fine art papers. Please call for details on this service if you need help with this.

I encourage anyone with a question not answered here to call me. I prefer talking with people as the best way to offer specific help. The success of The LightRoom has always stemmed from the personal relationships of myself and anyone else who has worked here with our clients. This is true for anyone, whether they are quite capable of submitting printer ready files or they need assistance with any aspect of the process.